The Artists

Many artists have contributed to this effort. You can read about them below.
WisdomScenes would love to continue to commission new inspirational pieces, but currently does not have the funds.
We strongly believe artists should be compensated for their efforts and hopefully in the future new funds will be donated to continue this.
In the meantime if any artists would like to allow the use of their paintings for this effort, please email us at:

Renee Dumont

Painter/ Illustrator Renee Dumont is a leading contemporary realist artist in Massachusetts. Since the 1980’s Dumont has studied the history and rhythm of landscapes, wildlife, portraiture and the human figure through the use of oil painting.
After achieving a degree in fine art, Renee went on to continue her education at the Worcester Museum of Fine Art to study extended light and color for 2 yrs. During the next 15 yrs Renee worked on projects, painting large scale paintings on color-boards for restaurants and collectors, including projects for the U.S. Government. Renee has been commissioned for many types of paintings ranging from portraits, historic landscapes, to narrative illustrations.
Much of Renee’s inspiration for her paintings comes from living on a lake, to studying and exploring the river banks of Blackstone River Valley National Heritage Corridor. Whether it’s examining remote stretches of the lakes and rivers, investigating city streets, or watching bald eagles up in the trees while kayaking, she is constantly on the lookout for good reference material and new ideas to put on canvas.

On her blog, she discusses her inspiration for some the WisdomScene paintings.
Renee’s Blog


Melani Pyke

A college diploma in graphic design, 3 years in custom framing, and a variety of art courses and workshops “on the side,” can’t match the 3 decades of life experience, play, and artistic exploration which make Niagara Falls Ontario Canada artist Melani Pyke who she is today. Her passion is to use her artistic gifts to bring hope and encouragement to others’ lives, which is evident in her live performance paintings, teaching, and custom pieces.  Most of her paintings are created with oil or acrylic on canvas.


Eva Vagreti

It seems that there has never been a time without drawing…
My passion started early when my parents discovered that a handful of colored pencils could keep me quiet. My love for art continued on a small mysterious island located next to my thousand years old hometown on the river Danube. Here, I would steal away from my piano lessons, and cross the island to join drawing classes.
At fourteen, I left my hometown for the capital of Hungary, where for eight wonderful and adventurous years I attended Vocational School in Fine Arts culminating in a degree from the Academy of Fine Arts in Budapest.
My work continued in New York City where I created packaging and related designs for Cabbage Patch Kids, My Little Pony, Transformers, Skittles… then settling down illustrating schoolbooks of every kind. My favorite has always been the “Readers” for lower grades..


Brock Nicol


Lon Eric Craven

I’ve been an artist all my life, and started heading into illustration before getting out of elementary school. I was drawing dinosaurs, other animals and people for friends, concert programs and literary magazines. My hometown newspapers, The Kansas City Star and The Kansas City Times miraculously arrived every day with new illustrations, comics and political cartoons. Inspired, I started working for the high school newspaper, and began drawing political cartoons for my little hometown paper by the age of 16. The support of my parents and a few very valuable years at the University of Kansas took me further into illustration, and the idea of illustrating something permanent. The late Thomas B. Allen and his frequently-invited illustrator friends, combined with a lot of ink, pencil and paint edged me deeper into mediums that challenged me to each next level. But the newspaper’s promise of a space to illustrate – not to mention a steady job…no kidding – kept me in the business through more than two decades of college, grad school, teaching and fatherhood. My experience in print media led me into children’s illustration. Library books and our own growing library compel me to be a part of an industry that can teach and entertain children and their teachers for years to come. I thoroughly enjoy helping young artists learn what they need to discover their own creativity. I’ve watched my own children learn from their beautiful and brilliant mother using curriculum and library resources I would love to have had a hand in. And we are all further enriched by visitors to our home from all over the world as they share their stories, cultures and friendships with our somewhat landlocked family.


Mark Meyers

Mark was born and raised in Northern Utah under the shadow of the Wasatch Mountains. He spent many childhood days climbing, exploring, and causing general mayhem on the mountainside. Running around with his brothers he learned early on the finer things in life like the sound of breaking glass, the freedom of running around in your underwear, and the feel of rushing wind on your face as you’re falling out of a tree. Mark has always loved to doodle whatever silly thing popped into his head. He never took too seriously but always liked to make people laugh with his drawings. By a strange series of events he found himself in foggy San Francisco studying illustration at the Academy of Art University, where he earned a Bachelor degree in Illustration. Now his days are spent drawing and painting pictures filled with kids, escaping circus monkeys, and everything in between.


Clarity West

Clarity West was born in Vancouver, Canada. She has traveled around the world filming and painting and spent a year living abroad in the Philippines. She has studied various forms of healing. Clarity attributes her creative abilities to her ten years of yoga and meditation meditation practices which spontaneously began to manifest in her art.
“The unique perspective I have to share comes from a generation raised on yoga culture. Yoga to me is not simply postures or stretching, it is my life. With so much going on in the world, the truth must be brought forth. I believe this is my mission and I have known this from a young age. I love to create, I love imagination and I love sharing with others. As I travel, I document my observations in art, writing and on film. My documentation comes from someone who grew up in the West but has found herself living and relating to the ways of the East. I am a modern day yogini attempting to merge the best of East and West.
Clarity currently lives near Portland, Oregon in an intentional community called Ananda. There, she is exploring her spirituality and art and living her dreams.


Penny Weber

Penny Weber is a full time artist and illustrator from Long Island, New York, where she’s lived all of her life. She works mostly in acrylics, as well as collage and mixed media. Penny attended classes at the School of Visual Arts in New York. Over the years she has worked in greeting cards and as a freelance artist specializing in residential murals. In 2007, Penny turned her attention to children’s book illustration and quickly signed with Wendy Mays and Janice Onken to be represented by WendyLynn & Company. Since then Penny has illustrated many books, including  “One of Us” from Tilbury House Publishers, “Growing Up With a Bucket Full of Happiness” published by Nelson Publishing and “Amazingly Wonderful Things” published by Raven Tree Press.  Some other clients include, McGraw Hill, Compass Publishing,  and Oxford University Press.
Penny has also worked for the educational market and various magazine and independent publishers.
Penny has a husband, three children and a cat, and she is heavily lobbying for a puppy!


John Mantha


Mantradevi LoCicero


Joytish Novak