WisdomScenes, a non-profit, commissions and distributes inspiring art poster sets for children of all ages, 0 to 100+ years old! Parents can use these posters to help instill uplifting attitudes and outlooks in their children while they are still at an impressionable age. Sometimes talking with your children about moral  or inspirational topics can seem like lecturing. These posters can provide an interesting, fun way to spark a meaningful conversation with your child. We hope you use them this way.

The posters can also bring a smile to the child inside of every adult.

The half-trillion dollar worldwide advertising industry attests to the effectiveness of how images and slogans can influence attitudes and behaviors. Children today are surrounded with mass commercialism all meant to create material desires. WisdomScenes posters, while a small effort, can help counterbalance this commercialism.

The idea behind WisdomScenes came from the founder’s time volunteering at Living Wisdom School in Palo Alto, CA. The classrooms were decorated with inspiring quotes usually printed over beautiful nature scenes. It seemed a natural next step to join the quotes with related, artistically-painted scenes, so they would reinforce each other for the children.

The artists for this effort were carefully chosen. The works of over 2,000 different artists were reviewed. Much commonly accepted good art conveys an artist’s internal angst. This clearly though is not helpful in providing upliftment for viewers of art. The artists doing the WisdomScenes posters where chosen because their work expresses warmth of heart and vitality of spirit. This is what we want to share with children and all viewers.

Each artist was asked, as best they could, to access the divine spark inside them and then express it in their own unique way on canvas. They were given a list of inspiring phrases to choose from or they could suggest their own. It was important not to dictate what phrase an artist paints. For a painting to be truly inspiring, the artist needs to feel a personal connection with the message.

The organizer, Eric Munro, authored the book:
Love Breathing, Experience Divine Joy with Every Breath You Breathe
A free download of the book is available at:  www.howtoloveGod.org
We can be reached at: info @ wisdomscenes.com.  Love to hear your comments and always looking for funding to commission more works.